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CrossFit is great for women because it builds them up instead of tearing them down. In a world where women are inundated with images and messages that they are not good enough, CrossFit says, “No, you aren’t just ‘good enough.’ You’re perfect.“”
– Layla Kelling

CrossFit is great for a woman’s overall health. When I started CrossFit, I had to take medicine for pre-stages of osteoporosis After 2 years of training, I no longer have to take the medication! CrossFit has strengthened my bones!
– Cathie Zinn

CrossFit helps me at life, every day. I can keep up with my 22-year-old daughter, who’s always on the go. It keeps me out of the doctor’s office, too, and I can honestly say I feel better when I get my work done in the gym every week.
– Theresa Huskins

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