The original vision for Power Athletics was birthed in a tiny garage gym in 2008. Heather was a Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer and Vice President at a community bank in Alpharetta. Jonathan was a Police Officer. In January of 2010 Heather resigned her position in banking to raise their two children. Jonathan and Heather both trained people out of their garage gym until April of 2010. In April of 2010 Jonathan was shot in the line of duty and this turn of events eventually led both Jonathan and Heather to following the call they felt in their lives to help others with health and wellness. In February of 2011 Jonathan resigned the police department and in March 2011 the doors of CrossFit North Alpharetta opened for business. It is one of the original affiliates in the area and was one of the first 4 CrossFit gyms from Old Milton Parkway all the way north to Dahlonega.

In 2016 CrossFit North Alpharetta became Power Athletics home of CrossFit 30004 as our program offerings and client base grew.

If you are just starting out, our 6 week challenge program is an excellent launching pad to prime your body and mind for the work and achievements ahead with a community of like minded individuals, or opt for our one on one foundations training if you prefer a one on one approach. If you are experienced In functional fitness and have been a member of a CrossFit gym previously, Power Athletics is home to CrossFit 30004 where you can become your best with a fun, and sometimes competitive, community of friends that will take you to the next level. Our fitness family works out hard, lifts heavy as our form allows, and pushes the limits of our minds, bodies, and spirits with the ultimate goal of individual improvement.
At Power Athletics we commit our best to you and will push you to a new level of athleticism no matter which program you are involved in. Power Athletics is a life changing facility. The work will be hard but there in nothing in life  of any worth that doesn’t require some kind of sacrifice or hard work. We look forward to you being the next success story.

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Our coaches, come from diverse specialities such as nutrition, endurance, obstacle course racing, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, movement and mobility, CrossFit, kids and teens strength and conditioning, boot-camps and more.

Power Athletics is the real deal when it comes to coaching, training and achieving unmatched fitness. Our program is meant to be rewarding and efficient in getting results, but that also means that it’s real work. Our excellent coaching staff challenge you to bring your best effort and the willingness to work. We’ll provide the rest in the form of pulling, pushing, lifting, jumping, running and everything else your body was created to do.

Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan EdwardsOwner, Head Coach

A CrossFit athlete since 2007, certified CrossFit trainer since 2008 and a former Police Officer, Jonathan uses the CrossFit methodology to stay in performing shape.

Several years into his law enforcement career, Jonathan sustained a gunshot wound in the line of duty. After the injury doctors advised him that it would be 6 months before he could even walk, Jonathan’s excellent physical condition and mental fortitude had him back at his job within 2 months. He credits CrossFit as one of the reasons for for his unusually quick recovery. Due to his experiences with the effectiveness of this training method that prepares people for life and the unexpected, Jonathan chose to resign his position with the police department to open CrossFit 30004. Today, he dedicates his life to helping others achieve their personal health and fitness goals, fitness they never imagined possible, and in general preparing people for the challenges of daily life. In Jonathan’s words: The calling in my life is about moving my athletes toward being the best they can be in mind, body, and spirit.

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CrossFit Football

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Mobility

CrossFit Competitors Coach

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CrossFit Judge Course

USAW Sports Performance Coach

NAKA Athletics freestyle connection

Elizabeth Bradley
Elizabeth BradleyCoach

Elizabeth comes from a dance background where she used her abilities to break the mold of what a traditional dancer should be according to industry norms.

She used her passion for dance and her abilities to speak positivity into the lives of young girls. When she found CrossFit she found that the focus on what the body could do rather than how it looked aligned with her personal mission and calling. She obtained her CF-L1 and began coaching! She now uses her athletic ability in competition and continues to speak truth into the lives of others. Mind, Body and Spirit!

CrossFit Level 1

Heather Edwards
Heather EdwardsCo-Owner, Nutrition Specialist

Heather started CrossFit with her husband Jonathan in 2007. She was immediately hooked to the athletic training protocol, having been a competitive fast pitch softball player all through her youth and young adulthood.

Heather had led an active, athletic life previous to getting married and attending college but once she began college she left that active lifestyle behind and before she knew it she had quickly become uncomfortable with the “freshman 15” and then some. She sought out change on her own and was able to shed over 40 pounds through nutrition and weight-training. Heather is proud to be able to provide a comprehensive health and fitness program with her specialty as a nutrition specialist and years of coaching experience.

In Heather’s words: “What I love most about coaching our members is teaching and educating athletes wherever they are in their journey.

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Football

Precision Nutrition Certified Specialist

Katy Johnson
Katy JohnsonCoach

Katy is a lifelong athlete who was seeking a fitness program that would challenge her active and competitive nature.

After trying the typical gym routine, then working with personal trainers and even trying aerial dance as her fitness outlet, Katy finally found the CrossFit methodology in 2011 at CrossFit 30004 and instantly connected with the intense protocol and the training atmosphere of the Power Athletics crew. Katy brings a positive attitude and an engaging sense of humor to the coaching team.

In Katy’s words: “I love helping members reach their fitness goals and watching them translate this into their everyday lives.”

CrossFit Level 1

Iman Alaee
Iman AlaeeCoach

Iman calls Power Athletics his extended family and is proud to be a part of a community that has that “it” factor.

Iman found CrossFit in 2011 and has spent time at other affiliates but never made a connection as strong as the one he has with CrossFit 30004. He has been with us since 2013 and considers this part of his journey one of the best physical, mental, and emotional decisions he’s made. Iman truly finds joy in helping others and fulfillment in seeing them improve day by day.

In Iman’s words: “I enjoy seeing [our athletes] grow and succeed every day — watching them get the results they want by putting the work and effort. I love seeing the daily changes.”

CrossFit Level 1

Glenn Kelling
Glenn KellingCoach

Glenn was active in his youth, but after high school, fitness was not prioritized. He found the CrossFit methodology in 2011 at CrossFit 30004.

As he rediscovered a love for training the body his interest in movement mechanics took an athletic perspective.  As a coach, he enjoys being able to watch, instruct, and test movement; however, combining this with the athletic growth of a member is ultimately the exciting and unique experience that drove him towards coaching.

In Glenn’s words: “I love watching people do something they didn’t know they could do. I want to enable athletes to improve and excel by training mind, body and spirit. By helping individuals train all three areas (Mind, Body and Spirit) I believe we see an exponentially more whole and functional person.”

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity

Layla Kelling
Layla KellingPrecision Nutrition Specialist

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Precision Nutrition Certified Specialist

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