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March 2023

is too much protein dangerous


Twenty-five years ago, there was plenty of skepticism about protein. Such as "is much protein dangerous"? After all, bodybuilders ate lots of it—and they experimented with all kinds of “questionable” things. Plus, the late 1990s ushered in the rise of high-protein diets for weight loss—an approach many health experts then labeled as “unsafe.”  Over the years, [...]

is too much protein dangerous2023-03-23T10:06:30-04:00

Posture and Digestion


  We’re getting a little personal today, but were gonna talk about the link between posture and digestion. We just can’t talk about core strength without today’s topic: digestion!   You might not realize it, but your posture (and core strength) have a HUGE impact on how you digest your food.   Here’s how:   [...]

Posture and Digestion2023-03-20T08:51:47-04:00

The truth about losing belly fat


The truth about losing belly fat is that it can seriously impact your health.    We’ve all seen magazine and internet articles with titles like this:   “The 5-Second Flat Belly Trick!”   Or:   “6 Days to a Six-Pack!”   But here’s the truth:  Belly fat isn’t eradicated quickly, nor is being “totally shredded” [...]

The truth about losing belly fat2023-03-06T20:49:38-05:00

February 2023

how to meal prep without leftovers


Newsflash! It's possible to meal prep if you hate leftovers. Tell me if you can relate…a lot of people tell us one of the reasons they don’t meal prep is because either they or someone in their home won’t eat leftovers. Understandable! But guess what? It’s still possible to get all of the time-saving and stress-busting [...]

how to meal prep without leftovers2023-02-08T13:49:07-05:00

Meal Prep Recipes


We’ve put together 20 healthy meal prep recipes that are so good, you’re actually going to look forward to eating them (and making them!). Have you ever noticed that the busier you get, the easier it is to let your diet slip? It happens to the best of us! One takeout meal leads to another, and [...]

Meal Prep Recipes2023-02-03T14:04:44-05:00

January 2023

Coffee Protein Recipe


We’ve been talking a lot about starting 2023 off right – and we’ve got a delicious coffee protein smoothie recipe that will start off your day great, too! It’s a crave-worthy mocha-banana coffee protein smoothie…And it makes for a great on-the-go breakfast or pre- or post-workout mini-meal. It couldn’t be any easier to make. Just [...]

Coffee Protein Recipe2023-01-23T16:27:11-05:00

Simple Goals


  Are you ready to set some simple goals for the new year? We've got a tip for you that’s so simple it will: 1) Blow your mind and 2) Make you think “dad joke”   Q: What’s the secret to reaching your goals? A: Set goals that you can reach. We know that sounds [...]

Simple Goals2023-01-10T11:29:03-05:00

December 2022

Healthy Holiday Recipes


Here are some healthy holiday recipes for you. Because, let's face it — it's HARD to stay healthy during the holidays! Between temptation lurking around every corner (hello Christmas cookies!) and the stress of seeing family, buying gifts, and maybe even entertaining a house full of guests...It's easy to put on 5-10 pounds without even [...]

Healthy Holiday Recipes2022-12-09T09:57:47-05:00

November 2022

How to cut calories without starving


If you're like a lot of people, you're probably wondering how to cut calories without starving. Many people begin trying to lose weight by cutting calories. However, most people cut calories so drastically that they feel hungry all the time. Not only is this unpleasant, but it won’t actually help you lose fat. The best [...]

How to cut calories without starving2022-11-28T16:51:33-05:00

Why you can’t stop eating junk food


  Have you ever wondered why you can't stop eating junk food? With the holidays coming up, may find yourself asking “Who ate all these chips?!”  It’s not your fault. If you’ve had this experience—robotically hand-to-mouthing some ultra-delicious, highly snackable food until the whole party-size portion is gone—you’ve probably felt frustrated or even ashamed.   [...]

Why you can’t stop eating junk food2022-11-21T13:22:22-05:00