Jenn is a mom of 3 young girls (4, 2 and 1), wife and nurse.

She’s busy!

BUT she has made it a goal to lose her baby weight, gain energy, recover her mid-line and core, take control of her nutrition and find balance.

SHE’S LOST 50 POUNDS and has never felt better!

Take a look at her story, in her words.

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Too old?
Too fat?
Too out of shape?
Too busy?

Meet Scott Green, Sr. He’s a 52 years old Real Estate Investor and Realtor.

He came in with a friend, because he was sick and tired of feeling fat, out of shape, tight, and lacking energy.

BUT…that’s the OLD Scott!

Take a look and listen at the NEW Scott, in his own words.

Meet Dawn Thomason.

She’s consistent, follows the program and takes advantage of all the coaching available to her that’s already included in her membership (fitness, nutrition, accountability and auxiliary programming custom tailored to achieve her specific goals).

She’s a fireball!  Super spunky, fun, energetic and the life of each class.

Take a look and listen at how Dawn’s life has changed since joining CrossFit 30004.

CrossFit is great for women because it builds them up instead of tearing them down. In a world where women are inundated with images and messages that they are not good enough, CrossFit says, “No, you aren’t just ‘good enough.’ You’re perfect.“”
– Layla Kelling

CrossFit is great for a woman’s overall health. When I started CrossFit, I had to take medicine for pre-stages of osteoporosis After 2 years of training, I no longer have to take the medication! CrossFit has strengthened my bones!
– Cathie Zinn

CrossFit helps me at life, every day. I can keep up with my 22-year-old daughter, who’s always on the go. It keeps me out of the doctor’s office, too, and I can honestly say I feel better when I get my work done in the gym every week.
– Theresa Huskins

Training for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

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