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April 2023

How to stop snacking on junk


Do you have junk food cravings? Let's talk about how to stop snacking on junk   You know what we're talking about… you’re sitting at your desk at 2 p.m. and suddenly ALL you can think about are chocolate chip cookies. Or you’re watching TV at night and feel the ice cream or chips in the [...]

How to stop snacking on junk2023-04-27T14:06:37-04:00

When weight loss doesn’t happen


  Ever feel like you’re “eating perfectly” but still not losing weight? So what's going on when weight loss doesn't happen?   It’s possible. But it’s not what happens most often.   Usually, there are one of two things going on: Problem #1: You’re eating more than you realize. Problem #2: What you think is [...]

When weight loss doesn’t happen2023-04-12T09:43:04-04:00