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May 2023

Is CrossFit for beginners?


CrossFit can be an intense and challenging workout program, but is it for beginners? YES! In fact, CrossFit can be an excellent way to introduce yourself to a variety of exercises and movements while receiving guidance and support from a qualified coach. With patience and consistency, beginners can successfully navigate CrossFit and achieve their fitness [...]

Is CrossFit for beginners?2023-05-12T16:00:51-04:00

8 Ways to OWN IT


Let's double down on the one thing that will help you move the needle forward in a BIG WAY…It’s taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY (aka practicing resilience, mental toughness, or whatever you want to call it)! These actions will step up your self-care game AND help you reach (& exceed) your health/fitness goals. 8 Ways to Own Your Outcome/Practice [...]

8 Ways to OWN IT2023-05-04T10:02:45-04:00