7 Ways to Support Your Immune System.


As the weather gets cooler and we spend more time indoors, avoiding sickness by strengthening our immune system is important.  We all want to stay healthy, feel our best and avoid missing out on activities.


Especially if you have kids, common viruses tend to get passes around like little “gifts”.  Add in traveling for the holidays and there are a lot of factors which facilitate spreading of common viruses.


The change in season also leads to the proliferation of viruses due to temperature and humidity changes. Dryer, colder surfaces allow viruses to stick around a bit longer. Couple that with the reduction in UV rays which creates a more hospitable environment for all the crud.


While we may not necessarily have control over what we come into contact with, we can control some specific variables that can help ensure that we are staying healthy.


Check out these 7 things you can do for a healthy cold and flu season:

  1. Get enough (and quality) sleep.  Keep in mind that alcohol often negatively impacts sleep quality.
  2. Make sure you’re getting enough Micronutrients: A, C, E, B6, and B12, folate, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium all play important roles in immune function on top of the most popular Vitamin D, which is especially necessary if you are living further from the equator. Our food intake often changes during the holidays especially.  Supplements can be helpful this time of year.
  3. Exercise. Get that body moving!
  4. Don’t lose your insulin sensitivity
  5. Don’t abuse your deficits. If you are going to diet or pursue fat loss this time of year pay special attention to items 1-3, and consider the depth and duration of your deficit. If you’re overweight, reducing body fat will more than likely support immune health rather than decreasing it.
  6. Address any gut health related concerns, issues, or sensitivities.
  7. Special Supplementation: There is evidence to support the use of  Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and at the onset of a cold zinc acetate lozenges can be used to reduce cold severity and symptoms.


To get the best results, we suggest using a mix of these seven things to bolster your immune system naturally.  Stacking sleep, stress management, strength training, steps, and sunlight (when possible) will always be your best bet to prep for cold and flu season.

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