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When you think about eating healthy while traveling, there is a good chance you might have some anxiety and maybe even feel a little defeated due to the fear of “ruining your diet” that you’ve worked on so hard.  The truth is, you’re not alone.  Most people have experienced anxiety and stress when figuring out how to stick to their nutrition plan while traveling.

But don’t worry, you can still be in control of what you put into your body.  The fact you are traveling does not mean you are automatically going to eat terribly. That only happens if you are unprepared, uneducated on good options, or choose to do so.



Make sure you are stopping at places with good food options. If you just stop at a random hole in the wall gas stations/convenient stores, there is a good chance they won’t have the quality options you want. Try to find healthier restaurants, stores, or even grocery stores to pop into for a quick bite or snack refill.


A place where many people go wrong is that they don’t stick to a plan they are used to, and therefore their hunger cues can be thrown off. If you are someone who normally eats smaller meals during the day, do your best to maintain that. You are less likely to feel hungry, sluggish or hangry. This will make your trip more enjoyable for both you and those around you.

Plus, this makes it easier to stick to your normal portions and not overeat when you get to where you are headed. We’ve all experienced what happens when we come home after a long day and we haven’t eaten much… our eyes get bigger than our stomach and we eat everything in site. This leads to overeating.


This is where most people go wrong. It can be more challenging to find good protein sources while traveling, but that is where planning ahead comes into play. Making sure to eat adequate amounts of protein will help you feel full and satisfied. You can find carbs and fats anywhere but high-quality protein can be a bit more difficult to get while traveling. Traveling with your favorite protein powder (we recommend 1st Phorm) can be a life saver!


Making sure to plan ahead and have healthy snacks with you will make it easier to make healthy choices. You might be thinking, “duh.” BUT, we think this point compliments the one above and that is because you don’t want to skip meals. When you do your body responds as if it’s facing a food shortage and your metabolism slows way down to prevent you from starving. That won’t be beneficial to your long-term results.


We get it… you are traveling and don’t want to stop every 22 minutes to use the restroom. We’ll say this though, when you are dehydrated your hunger and cravings will go up. So by staying moderately hydrated, you are helping to eliminate cravings and make it easier to stick to the plan. Plus you will avoid being as fatigued from travel and have higher energy levels when you reach your destination!


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