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Member Spotlight – Roger Gravlin

A Tax Director Making Fitness a Priority

Name: Roger Gravlin
Age: 52
Occupation: Tax Director at an Atlanta-based automation company
Family: Married to Tara Gravlin; father of Abby, Lexi, Jack, stepfather to Scarlett and Savannah

Roger is not your average tax director. Sure, his days might be filled with numbers and figures, but his passion extends far beyond the spreadsheets. At 52, Roger has embraced a fitness journey that’s transformed not just his physique, but his entire outlook on life.

A Quest for Change

Roger’s journey began with a desire to break a cycle. He didn’t want to fall into the trap of neglecting his health, much like his father did. Growing up, physical activities weren’t a prominent part of his life. But with the arrival of his son Jack, Roger felt a deep determination not to miss out on the joys of physical play that fathers share with their sons.

“I didn’t want to be the old fat guy,” Roger admits. “I want to be the dad that the 30-something dads know could kick their a$$!”

Progress in Motion

Over 11 months of consistent effort, Roger has achieved remarkable milestones. Shedding nearly 40 pounds, his physique has transformed, boasting a newfound strength. From struggling in tight 40-inch pants, he’s now comfortably slipping into loose-fitting 36s. His health metrics speak volumes too, with his resting heart rate dropping significantly from the 90s to the 60s.

Pride in Persistence

But beyond the physical changes, Roger’s most significant accomplishment lies in his consistency. Unlike previous attempts that lasted barely a month, he’s now found a routine he enjoys. “The best kind of challenge is competing against yourself,” he says with a smile.

Triumph Over Trials

Roger’s journey wasn’t devoid of challenges. Amidst starting his fitness journey, he faced a tumultuous divorce. Despite the upheaval, he sought solace and control in the one aspect of his life he could manage: his health. “Physical exercise and the friendships I have built have helped me very literally keep my sanity,” he shares.

Words of Wisdom

For those starting their fitness journey, Roger offers simple yet profound advice: “Just do it.” He emphasizes the importance of consistency and self-improvement, encouraging newcomers to focus on surpassing their own previous efforts rather than comparing themselves to others.

Roger journey is a testament to the power of determination and consistency. He’s a beacon of inspiration for anyone seeking positive change in their lives.

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