December 2023

Member Spotlight – Roger


Member Spotlight - Roger Gravlin A Tax Director Making Fitness a Priority Name: Roger Gravlin Age: 52 Occupation: Tax Director at an Atlanta-based automation company Family: Married to Tara Gravlin; father of Abby, Lexi, Jack, stepfather to Scarlett and Savannah Roger is not your average tax director. Sure, his days might be filled with numbers [...]

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October 2017

Neal Horstmeyer


How has CrossFit 30004 impacted your life? Constantly being active with my sons and all their sports helps me realize that I’m currently in the best shape of my life through CrossFit. The level of my endurance surprises me every week, and my strength gradually continues to increase. However, the biggest impact is the muscle [...]

Neal Horstmeyer2018-06-27T10:36:10-04:00

September 2017

Stephanie’s Journey


We invite you to read about Stephanie's Journey with us. "I’ve had weight issues all of my life. I’ve done the yo-yo dieting and sporadically worked-out on my own but nothing ever lasted. In my mid-thirties I started having some minor health issues and decided I was finally at the point where I needed to [...]

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August 2017

Robert Pedro


  You will not find a more genuine and hard working guy in the gym than Robert. He gives his absolute best in every single class he attends and it most certainly shows. I even saw some abs showing! His journey toward his best has been a real pleasure to take part in. [...]

Robert Pedro2017-08-21T14:40:53-04:00