Why Kids and Teens should do CrossFit:

There are so many choices for kid’s activities these days. So you may be asking yourself, what makes CrossFit so great for kids and teens?

Builds Confidence

No one debates the importance of building confidence in kids. Participating in CrossFit will help kids feel accomplished when they learn new thing and see improvements in skills. Plus, the positive feedback from their coach can really bolster self-esteem.

Better School Performance

Numerous studies have shown that exercise can be beneficial for school age children. It helps with their cognitive skills, behavior, and academic achievement. Check out this article for more info!



Maybe you’ve heard about the culture of CrossFit.  The concept of cheering for the last person and teamwork is a valuable lesson  that CrossFit teaches. This comradery also helps them bond with other kids in the class and create friendships

Physical Benefits

CrossFit is great for kids because of the wide variety of disciplines it involves, from weightlifting to cardio to gymnastics. This is great for the child who doesn’t play any other sport as a way to stay fit.  But it’s also amazing to help a child excel in whatever other sport they are participating in.


Learning to work through hard workouts without giving up is not only a way for a child to build confidence but it can help them outside of the gym as well. It gives them the added benefit of teaching them a healthy way to approach obstacles in life.

Teaching a Healthy Lifestyle

We want our children to learn the value of fitness at an early age.  It’s also important to us that they learn that fitness can be fun.  If children grow up associating working out with being something enjoyable and clearly seeing the benefits to their bodies and health, then they are more likely to keep fitness as a priority throughout their lives.


The many benefits of a program like CrossFit will benefit your child, both physically and mentally, for their entire lives. Our kids program is perfect for all kids 7-16, regardless of ability level or athletic experience.


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