December 2023

6 Ways to Sabotage Your Results this Month


It’s a special time of year ... with celebrations, traditions, and festivities galore. Which is awesome. BUT ... there’s something not-so-awesome, too – it’s all those sneaky saboteurs that come out during the holidays. They can set you back in a BIG WAY from reaching getting results. We put together a list of the 6 common ways to [...]

6 Ways to Sabotage Your Results this Month2023-12-05T18:26:50-05:00

October 2023

Why Quality Matters More Than Price at the Gym


  In the hustle and bustle everyday life, finding time to prioritize your health can be a challenge. Many people resort to quick fixes, hoping that a low-cost gym membership will magically transform their fitness journey. But let's face it, most of us have tried that route and realized it's just not sustainable. If you're [...]

Why Quality Matters More Than Price at the Gym2023-10-31T14:53:58-04:00

Save 30% on your membership with HSA/FSA Reimbursement


We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with TrueMed so you can save and average of 30% off your membership with us! We choose to work with them as they are a company devoted to driving HSA/FSA spending to products that are scientifically proven to improve metabolic health (like CrossFit). With TrueMed, you [...]

Save 30% on your membership with HSA/FSA Reimbursement2023-10-04T14:15:55-04:00

September 2023

How CrossFit Can Help You Lose Weight


CrossFit is a functional fitness program that combines various exercises such as weightlifting, running, and gymnastics to help individuals achieve their fitness and health goals. One of the most significant benefits of CrossFit is its ability to help beginners lose weight. Let's explore why it is an excellent choice for those looking to start their [...]

How CrossFit Can Help You Lose Weight2023-09-13T14:15:24-04:00

August 2023

How much protein do kids need?


With all the talk about how important protein is lately, you may be wondering "How much protein do kids need?"  So first, let's define kids as 4-18 years old. As a 2023 study by the NIH says, "beyond the dietary recommendations to prevent deficiency, there are no guidelines for an 'optimal' protein intake in [the] pediatric [...]

How much protein do kids need?2023-08-17T11:00:50-04:00

How much water do you really need?


You may have recently seen some headlines about a woman who was hospitalized from drinking too much water. Now you may be wondering "how much water do I really need?" So let's break it down. Water guidelines are a bit like calorie guidelines. They are just that, guidelines. Guidelines give us a sense of the [...]

How much water do you really need?2023-08-07T17:09:47-04:00

July 2023

Strength training as we age


Strength training, is an important type of exercise for people of all ages. However, as we age, it becomes even more crucial. Many of us start to lose muscle mass and bone density as we get older, which can affect our overall health and well-being. By incorporating strength training into our fitness routine, we can [...]

Strength training as we age2023-07-26T15:16:55-04:00

7 Habits that Wreck Your Metabolism


There are probably a few things in your life that you’d like to slow down… But when it comes to your metabolism? Probably not. That's why we're going to focus on 7 Habits that Wreck Your Metabolism.   Unfortunately, there are plenty of sneaky ways we slow our metabolism down — here are 7 of [...]

7 Habits that Wreck Your Metabolism2023-07-19T15:35:35-04:00

Why Is Protein Important As We Age


  As we age, our body undergoes various changes, including a decrease in muscle mass and bone density. This can lead to several health issues such as osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and frailty. One way to combat these issues is by ensuring we consume an adequate amount of protein in our diet. Protein is essential for building [...]

Why Is Protein Important As We Age2023-07-11T14:21:30-04:00

June 2023

Can you spot reduce fat


When it comes to weight loss, many people have the misconception that they can target specific areas of the body to reduce fat. This is known as spot reduction, and unfortunately, it is not an effective method for losing weight. In fact, it is actually impossible to spot reduce fat. To understand why spot reduction [...]

Can you spot reduce fat2023-06-06T16:26:29-04:00