March 2024

Why crossfit three times per week


Are you considering skipping your next CrossFit class? Or maybe you're considering joining and you're wondering how many classes per week we recommend. Here are five compelling reasons why attending CrossFit classes at least three times a week is essential for you to see results: Community and Support: CrossFit isn't just a workout; it's a [...]

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February 2024

How do we onboard beginners to CrossFit


If you're reading this, you're probably considering getting started with CrossFit. One of the biggest questions that we get is how do we onboard new members that are beginners to CrossFit.   But fear not, because you're not alone. At our CrossFit gym, we're all about community and support, and we'd be thrilled to welcome you [...]

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Debunking CrossFit Myths


Debunking CrossFit Myths: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Hype If you're considering giving CrossFit a try, you may have done a simple google search and now you're drowning in a sea of myths and misconceptions. Don't worry, because today we're unraveling the truth behind the hype. Let's bust some common myths wide open! Myth 1: [...]

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January 2024

Why we do our own programming


Unlocking Personalized Success: Why One Size Doesn't Fit All in Fitness Success is a journey, not a destination. In the world of fitness, the path to success varies for everyone. There's no magic formula that fits every individual like a glove. Generic programs and cookie-cutter approaches might give you a workout, but do they truly [...]

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what does crossfit look like


Curious about trying CrossFit but feeling unsure about what to expect? Maybe you're wondering what exactly does CrossFit look like? Or if you're ready or if it's right for someone who's new to fitness. In today's internet age, you might have stumbled upon tales of workouts leaving folks collapsed on the floor, feeling like hurling [...]

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December 2023

The Power of Personalized Fitness


  Do you ever feel like a ship lost at sea in a crowded, impersonal gym? The fluorescent lights, rows of machines, and the multitude of clinking weights can be overwhelming. For many, stepping into a generic gym is like trying to navigate a maze without a map—frustrating, aimless, and often leading to dead ends. [...]

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6 Ways to Sabotage Your Results this Month


It’s a special time of year ... with celebrations, traditions, and festivities galore. Which is awesome. BUT ... there’s something not-so-awesome, too – it’s all those sneaky saboteurs that come out during the holidays. They can set you back in a BIG WAY from reaching getting results. We put together a list of the 6 common ways to [...]

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October 2023

Why Quality Matters More Than Price at the Gym


  In the hustle and bustle everyday life, finding time to prioritize your health can be a challenge. Many people resort to quick fixes, hoping that a low-cost gym membership will magically transform their fitness journey. But let's face it, most of us have tried that route and realized it's just not sustainable. If you're [...]

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Save 30% on your membership with HSA/FSA Reimbursement


We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with TrueMed so you can save and average of 30% off your membership with us! We choose to work with them as they are a company devoted to driving HSA/FSA spending to products that are scientifically proven to improve metabolic health (like CrossFit). With TrueMed, you [...]

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September 2023

How CrossFit Can Help You Lose Weight


CrossFit is a functional fitness program that combines various exercises such as weightlifting, running, and gymnastics to help individuals achieve their fitness and health goals. One of the most significant benefits of CrossFit is its ability to help beginners lose weight. Let's explore why it is an excellent choice for those looking to start their [...]

How CrossFit Can Help You Lose Weight2023-09-13T14:15:24-04:00