November 2022

How to get the results you want


If you're like a lot of people, you may be wondering how to get the results that you want. When people talk about their health and fitness goals, generally, they say things like: ⚖️ I want to lose 20 pounds. 🧘🏻 I want to be less stressed. 🏃🏾‍♀️ I want to be stronger.   These [...]

How to get the results you want2022-11-14T18:15:41-05:00

October 2022

Do you need more protein as you get older


Do you need more protein as you get older? This is a question we are asked often.  Let's dive in.   There is a common idea that as we age we need to make drastic changes to our nutrition.  We've seen ideas floating around the internet that you HAVE to give up carbs, take up [...]

Do you need more protein as you get older2022-10-27T15:38:30-04:00

How long it really takes to get results


  How long does it really take to get results? This is something we get asked about all the time!   This post will lay it all out for you but we also want you to keep one important thing in mind … PLEASE do NOT get into the “crash” mindset, where you try to [...]

How long it really takes to get results2022-10-17T17:47:45-04:00

September 2022

Cycle of Stress Eating


Have you ever fallen victim to the cycle of stress eating? Have you ever wondered why?   When life gets hard, people often turn to food. And often, eat way more than they want (or even realize). When we work with nutrition clients, emotional eating is often one of their top challenges and it's not [...]

Cycle of Stress Eating2022-09-15T08:21:00-04:00

Eat this to boost your workout


Do you love “hacks” when it comes to fitness and health? How about a list of foods to boost your workout?! Well, these fruits and veggies below can help power up your workouts and recovery in a big way … And I bet the next time you see them in the grocery store, you’ll look [...]

Eat this to boost your workout2022-09-06T18:26:52-04:00

August 2022

Why Kids Should Do CrossFit


Why Kids and Teens should do CrossFit: There are so many choices for kid's activities these days. So you may be asking yourself, what makes CrossFit so great for kids and teens? Builds Confidence No one debates the importance of building confidence in kids. Participating in CrossFit will help kids feel accomplished when they learn [...]

Why Kids Should Do CrossFit2022-08-24T17:42:44-04:00

sleep habits


How are your sleep habits? When our members are struggling in almost any area of their fitness/health … there’s one question at the top of our list to help figure out what’s going on. “How’s your sleep?” Getting your sleep habits under control is a super important “basic” that will help skyrocket your results. It impacts [...]

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June 2022

are you a stress eater


Are you a stress eater? In a study, more than 75% of adults said that stress played a role in their eating during the past month.   If you’ve ever had a stressful day (or year!) that affected your eating habits, you are NOT alone. This includes overeating, eating junk foods, or not eating. It [...]

are you a stress eater2022-06-15T16:49:15-04:00

Portion Control


Have you ever tried to implement portion control but weren't exactly sure how? Did you know that we eat about 300 more calories every day than we did in 1985? When you consider there are 3,500 calories in a pound, you can see how fast these extra calories add up. So, how are you supposed to [...]

Portion Control2022-05-25T17:14:02-04:00

May 2022

stress web


What Does Your Stress Web Look Like? Sometimes it really helps to see things on paper. Your stressors are no exception. So today we are going to be talking about the "stress web". It's a system designed to help you clearly see what areas of your life are most affected by stress.  So instead of just [...]

stress web2022-05-18T16:12:49-04:00