August 2022

sleep habits


How are your sleep habits? When our members are struggling in almost any area of their fitness/health … there’s one question at the top of our list to help figure out what’s going on. “How’s your sleep?” Getting your sleep habits under control is a super important “basic” that will help skyrocket your results. It impacts [...]

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June 2022

are you a stress eater


Are you a stress eater? In a study, more than 75% of adults said that stress played a role in their eating during the past month.   If you’ve ever had a stressful day (or year!) that affected your eating habits, you are NOT alone. This includes overeating, eating junk foods, or not eating. It [...]

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Portion Control


Have you ever tried to implement portion control but weren't exactly sure how? Did you know that we eat about 300 more calories every day than we did in 1985? When you consider there are 3,500 calories in a pound, you can see how fast these extra calories add up. So, how are you supposed to [...]

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May 2022

stress web


What Does Your Stress Web Look Like? Sometimes it really helps to see things on paper. Your stressors are no exception. So today we are going to be talking about the "stress web". It's a system designed to help you clearly see what areas of your life are most affected by stress.  So instead of just [...]

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April 2022

Do you have stress bod?


Do you have stress bod? Let's explore. You probably think you know what stress is and how it feels: The anxiety of having a million different things on your to-do list That pounding heart when you have to slam on the breaks The desire to mope around and slam doors when the day doesn't [...]

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