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October 2023

Why Quality Matters More Than Price at the Gym


  In the hustle and bustle everyday life, finding time to prioritize your health can be a challenge. Many people resort to quick fixes, hoping that a low-cost gym membership will magically transform their fitness journey. But let's face it, most of us have tried that route and realized it's just not sustainable. If you're [...]

Why Quality Matters More Than Price at the Gym2023-10-31T14:53:58-04:00

Should you stop eating carbs?


Should you stop eating carbs? The short answer is a NO!  We've been talking about balance this month. Today let's specifically talk about nutrition. All too often, when we’re going after a health/fitness goal we throw our nutrition OUT of balance by eliminating entire food groups. It's especially tempting when you see nutrition gurus all [...]

Should you stop eating carbs?2023-10-24T14:50:44-04:00

Build the perfect plate


  We've got a “hack” to share with you today that could be a game changer in your journey to healthier eating. It’s NOT a new supplement, a superfood, or a fad diet. But it IS more effective – and healthier! – than all of those things. Welcome to The Plate Perfect Formula! It will help you [...]

Build the perfect plate2023-10-17T14:03:09-04:00

Save 30% on your membership with HSA/FSA Reimbursement


We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with TrueMed so you can save and average of 30% off your membership with us! We choose to work with them as they are a company devoted to driving HSA/FSA spending to products that are scientifically proven to improve metabolic health (like CrossFit). With TrueMed, you [...]

Save 30% on your membership with HSA/FSA Reimbursement2023-10-04T14:15:55-04:00