image with text 6 ways to sabotage your results this month

It’s a special time of year … with celebrations, traditions, and festivities galore. Which is awesome. BUT … there’s something not-so-awesome, too – it’s all those sneaky saboteurs that come out during the holidays. They can set you back in a BIG WAY from reaching getting results.

We put together a list of the 6 common ways to sabotage your results this month as we go through the holidays. When you are aware of these things, it’s so much easier to avoid them.

Top 6 Ways to Sabotage Your Progress Over the Holidays:

1. Not eating all day before a party.

On the surface, eating lightly all day when you know you’re going to overindulge later can seem like you’re doing something good…But it actually can backfire, leaving you to eat and drink even MORE than you expected because you are so hungry.

A better bet: Eat healthy, slightly smaller meals before you head out … and then enjoy your favorites in moderation!

2. Overdoing fancy seasonal coffeehouse drinks.

Even if you’ve seen these numbers before, they bear another look. Talk about empty calories and a roller-coaster ride for your blood sugar levels.

  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate: 12 oz (350 ml) has 330 calories & 41 grams of sugar
  • Caramel Brulee Latte – 12 oz (350 ml) has 310 calories & 36 grams of sugar
  • Eggnog Frappuccino – 16 oz (475 ml) has 410 calories & 60 grams of sugar
3. Eating it just “because it’s there.”

Your once-a-year indulgence in your Nana’s famous gingerbread – so worth it!

The store-bought cookies someone bought at the last minute to bring to the holiday party? Not so much. They’ll just leave you feeling tired and sorry you ate them.

4. Drinking too much.

There are a lot of reasons to be intentional about your alcohol intake. It can interfere with your sleep and make you dehydrated … plus it also contains a lot of empty calories.

But here’s something you might not realize: It can lower your inhibitions, which means you might be more likely to snack on foods you’d normally avoid!

5. Letting your exercise routine slide.

One of the things we’ve learned over the past 2 years is that being fit is a huge part of being healthy – it can keep your immune system strong and in shape.

Yes, this season can be hectic … but do your best to squeeze in at least a quick workout most days of the week. Not just for your results, but for your mind and overall health.

6. Not getting enough sleep.

Making time for sleep is SO WORTH IT. You’ll have more energy to tackle the holidays … plus it will even help keep your metabolism revved and appetite in check.

Remember, it’s all about MODERATION.

Having a plan in place is SO IMPORTANT not only during the holidays … but all year long.

It gets rid of the guesswork while keeping you moving forward.

That’s just one benefit our clients love about our coaching program. They know what to do and when to do it – and we’re here to support them with accountability, motivation, and plenty of options.

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