June 2022

are you a stress eater


Are you a stress eater? In a study, more than 75% of adults said that stress played a role in their eating during the past month.   If you’ve ever had a stressful day (or year!) that affected your eating habits, you are NOT alone. This includes overeating, eating junk foods, or not eating. It [...]

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Range Of Motion


In CrossFit, we progress in this order: Mechanics, Consistency, and then Intensity. Following this progression will allow you to get the full benefits of what we offer in classes. Let's breakdown by what we mean by each of those terms: Mechanics The first step in any fitness journey is to learn to perform basic movement [...]

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Portion Control


Have you ever tried to implement portion control but weren't exactly sure how? Did you know that we eat about 300 more calories every day than we did in 1985? When you consider there are 3,500 calories in a pound, you can see how fast these extra calories add up. So, how are you supposed to [...]

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April 2022

Strength Training For Healthy Hormones


Strength Training For Healthy Hormones Let's talk about how to support your hormones and improve metabolism through strength training. When we talk about strength training, what we are really talking about is building muscle.  The process of putting your body into an anabolic state of growth and recovery. This is the opposite of a catabolic [...]

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May 2021

Have you heard of “inflammaging”?


Pssst...inflamation plus aging = inflammaging.  We've got a little assignment for you today that might lead you to a delicious weekend project! Go into your kitchen and look inside your pantry ... and then open up your fridge and take a look in there, too. What’s inside can make a BIG difference in how you age. [...]

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March 2021

Stress Eating


Stress Eating.  It's a subject that's not that fun to talk about but whether we want to admit it or not, it's something that most of us do.  After a long day, those cookies in the pantry start looking really good. Before we try to tackle it, let's look at a cycle you have likely [...]

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January 2021

Love saving time on meal prep?


Do you love saving time on meal prep? We do too! You don't have to make elaborate recipes (unless you want to) every meal. With busy lives and limited time, why not make having food ready to go in the fridge something you do every week? We get it, food prepping can feel incredibly overwhelming, so [...]

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December 2020

Daily Habits For A Healthy Body


Now more than ever, a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone.  Are your daily habits setting you up for success? When we take care of our bodies not only do we look better, but we feel better too. Will Durant famously said "We are what we repeatedly do". So, let's talk about some daily habits [...]

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November 2020

Healthy Holiday Checklist


With the holidays just around the corner, we've got a game plan to help you stay on track. FACT: Chances are the holidays this year are going to look a little different than most other years.  And being prepared for that difference ahead of time can help you (and your loved ones) avoid disappointment and actually [...]

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October 2020

9 Ways Stress Prevents Progress


If you're looking to loose weight or just have better body composition there are two big factors that you must make a priority: Maintaining a calorie deficit.⁣ Building, or at least maintaining, your muscle mass.⁣⁣ But if you're always stressed, doing so will be more difficult for you.  That's not to say it's impossible, [...]

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