Do you have stress bod?

Let’s explore.

You probably think you know what stress is and how it feels:

  • The anxiety of having a million different things on your to-do list
  • That pounding heart when you have to slam on the breaks
  • The desire to mope around and slam doors when the day doesn’t go your way.

But there’s actually another, more subtle kind of stress that lurks beneath the surface. It’s the cumulative effect on our bodies from continual exposure.  The noisy environments, the uncertainty of the pandemic, the never ending pressures of work and parenting and finances, etc. These types of stressors are so ingrained in our lives that we often don’t even know that they are there. The real problem with them is that they can start to manifest physically because the physical response to stress affects all the bodies systems: nervous, immune, endocrine, digestive etc.

Here’s where the “stress bod” comes in. Or if you want to get scientific it’s called HPA axis dysfunction.

Here’s what this can look like:

  • Everything hurts. Tight muscles and sensitive nerves account for that.
  • You’re foggy. You’re not sleeping well.  This leads to a foggy brain and trouble concentrating.
  • You keep getting sick. Inflammation is up and white blood cell count is down.
  • Sensitive stomach. Changes in digestion can lead to GI upset.
  • You’re not in the mood. Sex hormone production has dropped which has all but slammed the breaks on your sex drive.
  • Struggling with your weight. Metabolism slows. Hunger and satiety hormones are messed up.

Does this sound like you?

The simple fact is that the population is becoming more stressed and sleep deprived. Especially over the last two years. But here’s the good news. There is a long list of ways you can help yourself recognize stressors and respond to them more effectively. Because if we’re being honest, it’s unrealistic to think that we can eliminate stress from our lives.

Our goal at Power Athletics, home of CrossFit 30004 is to equip you with the tools you need to be your best Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you’re interested in a FREE tool so help you understand what areas  of your life are within your control and which one’s you can’t, simply fill out this form: Contact

It’s a helpful way to assess where to focus your time and energy so you can start to improve the areas that contribute to chronic stress the most.

You might be surprised to find out you’ve got more control than you think.