Do you love saving time on meal prep? We do too!

You don’t have to make elaborate recipes (unless you want to) every meal. With busy lives and limited time, why not make having food ready to go in the fridge something you do every week?

meal prepWe get it, food prepping can feel incredibly overwhelming, so finding ways to save time and make it easy can be a real game changer. We are here to save you precious time and energy.

Tip 1

Look for microwavable, canned or frozen versions of your favorite foods.  Things like rice, pasta, veggies and fruit.  Even meats!

Tip 2

Try to get pre-cooked proteins and already cut/washed veggies or bagged (salad kit) veggies.  Of course, this can be more expensive but if it keeps you on track it’s worth it. If you have a strict grocery budget, consider things like sales and coupons to save enough to splurge on these kinds of items.

Tip 3

Order your groceries online and have them delivered or go pick them up.  Not only does this make it more convenient, it can keep you from making impulse purchase decisions at the store.

Tip 4

Look into a meal prep company/service that you can utilize for one meal a day or a handful a week.  Having something on hand for an “emergency” can be a life saver.

Tip 5

Lock in a menu for the whole week to reduce decision fatigue.  This makes shopping easy and saves money.

Tip 6

Recruit family members or roommates to pitch in prepping or rotating being in charge of dinner.

Tip 7

Keep stable foods and snack in the panty and fridge in case you are in a pinch or time crunch.


We hope you enjoyed these tips and find them useful!

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