My friend Ron Jutze was explaining that the human mind thinks in pictures; It doesn’t think in text, words, or anything else.

So, when life happens around us we will often assign those experiences with pictures in our memories. It is the emotions attached to those pictures that we form our beliefs. Therefore, if the past experience was a negative experience we will begin to assign chains to those images. Now, when any other circumstance comes along that brings to mind those associated pictures in our memory those new circumstances are now assigned those same chains before the new experience is had.

Often our life is littered with choices that we must make on whether to believe our circumstance will be negative or be positive. Life is filled with choices where we have the opportunity to choose to be grateful for the good things or dwell on the bad.


We are designed as people to thrive in an attitude of gratitude. We are not designed to thrive in an attitude of negativity. The choice to dwell in the negative is sure to keep us from becoming our best. Our lives are not made more full by choosing negative.

Consider this in your own circumstances.

Consider this in your own choices outside the gym and inside the gym.

Have you assigned chains to people and circumstances where the experience doesn’t match your choices?

Break the chains!