So often we find ourselves stuck in familiar patterns that prevent us from making progress. Often all we need is a little rest to push us forward, past plateaus and further into our true potential. In the following article Jonathan dives into the idea of “Rest”.

“Let me preface this by saying that I believe the process of training must continue in one of the other areas during times of rest. Rest the body, train the mind or spirit. Rest the mind, train the body and spirit; Hopefully you get the idea.

I haven’t trained my body in 7 days and it is making me crazy. I know to some of you, that may seem ridiculous, because you may have not trained in years or perhaps you think that I can afford to miss a few days. Well you know what they say about opinions…

Here’s what I have learned or rather re-learned about myself in these 7 days.

I am a training addict. Really, truly, I love physical training but honestly, I’m just an addict that has put training into that addiction slot. If I don’t put training in that place something else will almost immediately begin to take its place to “cope” with the uncomfortable feelings that come for me through lack of training.”

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